Determining a list price for your home

Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 12:55 pm by Tiffany Hereda Selling

Determining a List Price

We get asked our opinion of price quite often.  However, the answer to what you should list your home for is not necessarily black and white.  Many factors play a role.  For example:

How soon do you have to move?  Most likely to get your home sold quickly you will need to price it under current comparable homes that are on the market.  People will be looking at yours and those listed around your home.  If another house has similar features and is priced less, which one do you think they will chose?  Also, take a look at what comparable homes sold for in your community and what is the average days on market for them.  For example, if you want to get 400k for your home but the averag...

What is a condotel?

Wed, Sep 10th 2014 12:29 pm by Tiffany Hereda Buying

what is a condotel

What is a condotel?

In searching for a vacation home or investment property you may have come across the term “condotel”. You probably found yourself wondering what this means.  In short, a condotel is a condo building that is operated like a hotel with front desk, cleaning service, etc.  This can be a wonderful option for you but you need to consider the pros and cons. 


Here are the pros:

  1. Rental income potential – On average condotels have high rental income potential.  Before you buy, be sure to ask what their annual occupancy rate is for the unit you are interested in. 
  2. Great vacation home – Usually a condotel has the amenities you want when you are on vacation.
  3. Potential p...

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7 Steps to buying a vacation home

Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 9:45 am by Tiffany Hereda Buying

Buying a vacation home can seem like a daunting process.  Good news, it doesn't have to be!  Start with these simple 7 steps and you are on your way to making your second home dreams a reality! 

Determine if this will be a rental or private vacation home? – Before you begin your search, decide what your goals are.  Are you planning to use this as a rental or simply a second home for your family?  If you plan to rent out your place, during your home search you need to consider things such as location, rental history of a property, rental company options, taxes, insurance, etc.

Secure financing – Depending on the location, type of property and your personal history, you need to get mo...

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